TextDiffer is an elegant and simple app for comparing text and sharing diffs.

Use it for more than just code, including copywriting and comparing legal documents.

Great for analyzing, teaching, and sharing.

Screenshot of TextDiffer showing a dark theme and TypeScript code

JSON diffing

Compare JSON objects without considering the reordering of properties as a diff.

TextDiffer JSON diff output
TextDiffer using the light theme Solarized Light


Choose between a vast collection of light and dark themes for both syntax and UI.

Customize fonts

TextDiffer is configurable, allowing you to choose the font you prefer from a growing collection.

TextDiffer with dark mode enabled and the settings panel open, showing the ability to configure font faces, syntax highlighting theme, font size, code syntax language, and antialiasing. The output is demonstrating copy text with insertions and deletions, and buttons to copy as Markdown or rich text diff.
TextDiffer with a light theme showing a word diff

Speed up copywriting changes

Tell your team which words you've changed to make it easier to review copywriting changes.

Allow your team to quickly glance at what's changed instead of re-reading everything.

Example of a diff shared in Slack

Share your changes

Share your code change diffs in a variety of formats. Line and JSON diffs are shared as diff patches, similar to how Git displays diffs.

Word and character diffs can be shared as both rich text and Markdown (where supported).


Download TextDiffer from the Mac App Store.